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~When Love Sucks~
Her happy smile; with another man.
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 0 3
Dear Misery
I don't know if it's wrong,
I don't know if it's sad.
But the dreams in which I'm dying,
are the best I've had.
And I know there's misery.
In every part of me.
But I can't seem to let go
When there's so much I don't know.
I'm sick of the way I feel.
I'm sick of it being all real.
I don't know if it's wrong,
I don't know if it's sad.
But the dreams in which I'm dying,
are the best I've ever had.
Honestly, I feel fine.
Dreaming of a world where I rhyme.
Fucked up, Isolated, Nauseous and Emotionally dead. FINE.
All these words filling me up with more dread.
Guess I'm really not okay.
Guess there's really no other way.
I'm not complete.
Broken. Obsolete.
This is just the way I am,
Waiting for someone to give a damn.
I'm sick of sitting in the dark.
I'm sick of playing alone in the park.
I don't know if it's wrong,
I don't know if it's sad.
But the dreams in which I'm dying,
Are the best I've ever had...
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 2 4
Indistinct Cries of the Lost and Damned
Darkest nights mar even the brightest days,
Of soul searches and constant frays.
Without the warm light we try to survive,
And greet the darkness come alive.
Who are we kidding? We are lost and so afraid,
When everything's wrong and dismayed.
Where the World cries a distinct shade everyday.
Living in fear of having lost our way.
How did we even get like this?
What else is ahead but a dark abyss?
Why is there a void in our hearts?
Left unfilled by the pages in the dark.
Slowly fading away,
Without a sound or a sway.
Can you hear them in this state?
Our cries of pure hate.
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 1 3
This Could Mean Everything...Or Nothing At All.
Forever memories mark these days,
Like ghosts into the night.
Forever to be lost in a warm embrace,
Like the dark wind's call.
It hurts to know you don't miss me,
It hurts to know you don't feel that way.
Even then I know the last thing you want to do is hurt me,
but I can't help but feel this way.
Similar to the falling drops on a rainy day,
As tears stream across your face,
I'll lay you down on a warm bed of dead flowers.
'Cause I'm still painting them in your name.
Stopping this feeling, isn't something I can do.
Maybe it's just something, I don't even want to.
I'm still as hollow and now alone again,
It's merely been two weeks since then.
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 2 3
To Find a Melon~
Before we even begin, hold your pinky up.
Queue the "Aaaaahhhh" as we closeup.
It started out from the words of a stranger,
Followed by a shy hello.
What started as a rickety motor.
has become something quite mellow.
Slowly but surely, this friendship evolves,
Like two morons clashing head.
Definitely, oh definitely, hear the life's calls.
Forgive and forget, all that the darkness said.
Let a soliloquy of riddles help turn the page,
As the peter patter of chicken feet take centre stage.
Now, for some reason I feel like having noodles.
So I guess I'll just say your favourite and go Toodles!
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 0 0
A Periwinkle Grayed : Prologue
It all started with a box of chocolates.
“Daddy! I want it! I want it!” cried my little darling. Her wavy blond hair, reminiscent of her mother's, brushed past my face as she pouted.
I looked up at the brown-haired woman on my right, dressed in a tight-fitting blue blouse and faded jeans. Her stern gaze seemed to falter for a moment and I knew I wouldn't get another chance like that.
“Please.” I muttered.
Some time passed as she stared at me and Emma before finally letting out a sigh. I smiled. We had won.
“You have ten minutes.” She said, trying to maintain a stern face which only faltered into a smile when Emma let out a squeal of joy.
“I'll only take five.” I promised, setting Emma beside her.
I left them on that particular park bench and approached the candy shop across the street. A bell rang somewhere as I entered the shop. It was packed to the brim with Christmas shoppers. Navigating my way through the crowd, I finally found a plac
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 1 0
A Little Bundle of Powder Snow...
Old friend, where did you go?
Left without a proper goodbye so...
Forgive me for worrying.
Forgive me but I'm still caring.
If I could turn back time...
One last chance for one last glance.
Only one word leaves my lips...
as I stare into the sky and ask him.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Cry like you've never cried.
Smile like you've always cared.
Laugh like you've always done.
Life is short so cherish the moments.
Like a little bundle of powder snow...
before it melts and leaves a surreal glow.
A warmth in your hearts forever more.
"...Forever and Always..."
One day, you might not get the chance to say goodbye.
But you'll still be thankful for all this time...
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 4 0
Addicted to a Certain Kind of Sadness...
The sadness in her eyes, makes me come alive.
This darkness in her veins, makes me feel insane.
Those pointless arguments, as she falls in disdain.
That chemical bond we break, as she falls over again.
She knows she's grown attached.
She knows she just won't last.
It's a disturbing mindset...
When you breathe and you regret.
Laugh, if her screams become shrill.
Deep down she feels this thrill...
I'm only her conscience speaking the truth.
As she lies to herself and to you.
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 13 2
Of Heavy Hearts...
Feelings left in disarray,
questions asked in a distant fray.
"Will you miss me when I'm gone?"
"Will you miss this shoulder to lean on?"

Of course I would, how could I not?
For you are the only one I've got.
The only one who could see,
these smiles that were not me.
And I can't fake these smiles no more,
isn't it time your heart reached the shore?
We're all alone in a lonely world.
Lost at sea, buried in cold.
The frost that traps the love that glowed...
This warmth that has not yet been bestowed.
Shine a light down on me,
show me the meaning of this symphony...

You want light? I'll give you the sun.
Just promise me you'll never run.
Give me reason, I need it please,
don't play a heartbreak melody.
You need this reason, you need this heart,
what if I told you, it was yours from the start?
Without the feelings, these words have no meaning,
can you hear my heart beating?

I can hear it, and match it with my own, I shall.
For you're my reason, a smile that's not null.
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 5 3
Woes of a Heartless Mind in The Clouds...
With the mind lost in the clouds,
and the heart shattered on the ground...
Felt it slip from your hands,
but I couldn't make a sound.
Now it lies in ruins,
while the mind refuses to come down.
The tears get lost in the wind,
and the broken pieces start to get cold.
Not knowing life had this in store,
there's no warmth left anymore.
As a chill takes over the floor,
and breathing feels like a chore.
All these questions come creeping,
as here I lie bleeding...
Did this love really have any meaning?
Or was it all just me dreaming...?
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 1 0
A Melody Meant for Two, But Not Me and You...
If I could make him like you I would,
because you mean so much more to me than he ever could.
How naive I was to believe...
That there was a future for you and me.
How naive to hope...
That one day as you and I grow old,
That you would give me the time of day.
Something that would've made this heart sway.
But I can see your heart stutter,
And your mind flutter,
It's fine you don't have to give an answer.
Something that I already know...
So, I'll just keep lying from myself and you,
And continue singing this melody meant for two.
:iconsavehearts:SavEHeArts 8 11


Jack the Ripper by davepalumbo Jack the Ripper :icondavepalumbo:davepalumbo 2,272 183
What is Love?
Love is a cruel and unusual thing.
Love is happiness and horror with hands held.
But most of all... Love is your greatest desires, and your greatest fears.
Love is not knowing if you can clear your mind of the object of your desires.
Love is all of these things, and none of them.
One thing love is not... Is frivolous.
Love... True love... Is rare.
Once you find it... Never let it go.
:iconyoshikazuryuu:YoshikazuRyuu 1 2
Lesser Periwinkle by JSmallDragon Lesser Periwinkle :iconjsmalldragon:JSmallDragon 7 0
Autumn Poetry
Meet me as November dies
beneath the rain-patterned skies.
Bring me a kiss - or two.
Remind me why I fell in love with you.
Bring me snow and ice, wind and rain,
a warm hand to release my fingers from pain.
Kick up the leaves, lay down the frost.
Hide away the flowers of summer lost.
Steal my dreams of starting anew.
Autumn, tell me why I fell in love with you.
:iconazure-oblivion:azure-oblivion 4 4
handmade snowflake by hintayinta handmade snowflake :iconhintayinta:hintayinta 2 0 snow by eXXeQt snow :iconexxeqt:eXXeQt 1,526 80 Mirror, mirror on the wall... by theAutumniest Mirror, mirror on the wall... :icontheautumniest:theAutumniest 1 0 Resting in Silence Measured by Infinity by goRillA-iNK Resting in Silence Measured by Infinity :icongorilla-ink:goRillA-iNK 151 5 -Crossroads of life- by Janek-Sedlar -Crossroads of life- :iconjanek-sedlar:Janek-Sedlar 3,054 214
Autumn Lover
She was the November lover
but Autumn was always the season
of the dying, and she found only
coldness was left to greet her now.
No more flowers were in bloom,
while the flame within her heart
began to fade she fell, it seemed endlessly
among the fire colored leaves.
While the trees appeared in shades
of crimson just like her dreams,
the world spun as she closed her eyes,
bitter the early frost upon her breath.
It may be the last exhale she ever breathed,
while the color dissipates from her waning cheeks,
only those bone chilling biting winds
are left to touch upon her flesh in subtle mockery.
She died for love on the cusp
of the season which whispered of decay
but her grave would lie beneath a shroud
of natures beauty, beneath the gloomy skies,
as melancholy of the last beating of her heart
she was covered in all the shades of the sun.  
:iconsilverwynd:SilverWynd 14 6
i dunno..bunch o clowns by nebezial i dunno..bunch o clowns :iconnebezial:nebezial 5,686 202 The Immemorial by DrewHopper The Immemorial :icondrewhopper:DrewHopper 853 43 Abandoned by DestinyBlue Abandoned :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 13,183 563 Aurora and the Milky way by erezmarom Aurora and the Milky way :iconerezmarom:erezmarom 1,094 63 Love is in the Air by Phatpuppyart-Studios Love is in the Air :iconphatpuppyart-studios:Phatpuppyart-Studios 458 27 -Meditation of autumn- by Janek-Sedlar -Meditation of autumn- :iconjanek-sedlar:Janek-Sedlar 1,610 219




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Hello! Welcome to my page, thank you for your interest in my work.

I'm just an amateur with a soft spot for poetry regarding love. I believe there is a beauty even in sadness which might explain most of my poems.

Anyways, I hope you liked them!



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